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A request

I'd like to make one, for those of you out there who either write or simply enjoy a good piece of storytelling with strong, convincing characterization. 

Please take a look at the following example of dialogue:

Character A: "Why did/didn't you (x)?"

Character B: "I didn't think-"

Character A: "No, you didn't."

Regardless of what medium you encounter this dialogue, regardless of its phrasing or its context, please locate the person who wrote it.  Wait until they're sitting down, having some coffee, updating their Facebook, whatever.  Walk up behind them, as quietly as you can manage.  Then give them a suplex.  Full strength.  Onto a hard surface.  Through a hard surface, if possible.  Then pick yourself up, clap the dust off your hands, and leave.  Wherever the road takes you next, encourage others to do as you have done.


On a lighter note:

I consider BlazBlue half an anime already, so this is unsurprising

Merry Christmas

Dusting this thing off to bring out Holiday Presea.  Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Festivus, Season's Greetings, Happy Hannukah, and so on - and may this current plague of exceptionally horrible Christmas commercials meet a swift end.

(That Kahlua commercial with Ana de la Reguera, on the other hand, can keep playing.  Dioz de me vida, woman.)

Ties Behind

Funny; I expected this to sound gloomier than it turned out.

Sifting through some college folders a few weeks ago, I found an old letter.  One of mine.  It was one I'd written so carefully, but never had the chance to send.  I know why I held onto it.  I can remember the day I tucked it into this beat-up old Star Wars folder.  I always kept thinking - you know, maybe one day I'll have a reason to finally send it, or I'll find something that my older self will still want to say and use in another letter, or maybe I'll just bust it out once in a while for old times' sake.  But that afternoon, I read through it all again, and realized I had no reason to hold onto it.  I smiled at it, then let it go.

I had a voicemail saved on my cell phone for the longest time.  Periodically you have to clean these things out, and every time I did, from the time they first left it, I'd end up hitting 9 on that instead of 7.  For all the twists and turns that story took, I think I remember when and why I convinced myself to keep it.  When I was sitting in bed a few nights ago, saving the old ones again (Grandpa is still there, telling me he was thinking about me and that he wanted to know how I'm doing) and clearing new ones out, I came across that one.  I played it one more time.  Then I finally hit 7.  I smiled at it, then let it go.

It was around this time of year in 2001, ten years ago, that I first signed up on Final Fantasy Online.  Last week, after looking around the new forum, some consideration of what I was seeing from the people there, a cursory weighing of the good and the bad from the community over the last ten years, and a measurement of the administrative climate as it is now, I signed out with the decision that I won't be logging back in.  No farewells; no regrets.  I smiled at it, then let it go.

Really, I think you get the idea.

I bring up all of the above (and couch them thematically with the subtlety of a tuba player trying to blow a stuck pig from the bell of his horn) because they're the broadest strokes on this picture I've painted for myself, this last year.  It's felt like every other week, there's one more tie that's being cut in my life, and not always against my choosing.  Sometimes it's depressing; sometimes it's for the best.  Sometimes it simply, naturally feels like I'm out of reasons to hold on anymore.

Every time, though, it leaves the environment around me a little more alien.  Life feels relentlessly strange to me now.  Some nights I realize all those ties I've lost, cut, or drifted away from have become so far removed that I'm not sure where I am.  And I'm not sure why I don't feel so broken up about it.  I wouldn't call those smiles happy ones, but they're smiles nonetheless.

I guess wherever I've ended up, whatever point I've reached, it doesn't have anything to tie me down.

Made for another world

I keep meaning to do a real update to this thing and inevitably end up slapping myself because there's always Something Else I Should Be Doing. Even so, I can't help the occasional musing, and this is the result.

Ten Awesome Places in Video Games, Part 1Collapse )

That felt better. I feel more often lately that, as much as reality is worth dealing with, alternatives look better and better as the years go on.


There needs to be an international law in place that would forbid anyone with a medical degree lower than Ivy League-level from making another "X modern convenience causes Y horrible disease" claim.

By the way, reading this entry may or may not cause cancer.

Together we are a sky

A reunion between two old friends in Eternity: These Mortal Things.

Every now and then I'll write something that makes me lean back on my hands when I'm finished, and just look at it a while, and think.  This was one of those times; less out of a sense of accomplishment, per se, and more because the older I get, the more love letters to these characters and their stories I find myself writing.

This one is the kind of love letter with a kiss above the signature.  (Also meta as hell in some spots.  Haha.)

Where my posts in these things go, I think that may be my new sentimental favorite.


Eternity: Written in the Stars - epilogue.   That is right.  A tournament that I hosted has a written ending.  Universe, you can explode now. 

These Mortal Things to begin rocking later today!  \o/


You know what just opened for drafting this week and is going to be balls-flatteningly awesome?

Eternity: These Mortal Things.

You know what is also balls-flatteningly awesome and totally wants to play in it if you should have some modest spare time for a couple weeks after February 25th?


You know it in your most secret heart.  Come on down.  =)

The Teek abides.

It's the end of my first week at the new job, and I am lounging on my couch in my new apartment, and Ghostbusters is rolling on my new 32-inch HD flatscreen, with a glass of my favorite pinot noir in hand, and outside my door there is nothing but tranquil Irvine hills.  I am free of everything that has hurt and haunted me for the last seven months.

I can finally just...breathe.

For all of life's myriad heel turns, I feel ready to love mine again.

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